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 Canon Character Application

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PostSubject: Canon Character Application   Canon Character Application EmptyThu 10 Sep 2009, 7:46 pm

Canon Character Application:

Name: [The name of your character]

Title/Rank: [A title or perhaps a rank that your character may have as well.]

Age: [How old is your character? If its unstated then give an age based off appearance.]

Gender: [male or female?]

Faction: [What faction is your character apart of? The Noah? Exorcists? Akuma? Or just another Human]

Family: [Who is or was part of their family.]

Personality: [The way your character acts. A minimum of 5 senteces.]

Appearance: [The way your character looks. A minimum of 5 sentences.]

Abilities and Gifts: [Does your character a special power such as Innocence? Or maybe they use Dark Matter? Or some kind of innate superhuman ability? Describe it and state what it can do.]

Fighting Style: [The way your character fights during battle.]

Weaknesses: [What are the flaws or you character? is there something they're not good at? name them.]

History: [ The history of the character throughout the entire series. Do not copy from wikipedia or any sources like that -_- Or you will be revoked. Detail is important but dont make it a giant wall of text that covers the page.]

Picture: [If you have a picture of your character then you may put it here.]

Rp Sample: [At the very least five lines. We know people can be lazy like that at times but this is an application so average-best is advised.]
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Canon Character Application
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