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Moment Of Creation

Quick Chart


Overview of Creation

The Awakening | Character Creation
  • Exorcist's Initiation | Exorcist Creation

  • A Deal With The Earl | Akuma Creation

  • The Innocent and Corrupt | Human/Misc Creation

  • The Performers In The Scenario | Canon Request

Arming For Arrival | Weapon and Ability Creation
  • God's Gift | Innocence Creation

  • The Darkness | Dark Matter and Gift Creation

  • The Unworthy's Armanent | Misc Weapon Creation

Changes and New Life | Misc Creation
  • New Arrivals | NPC Creation


The Awakening

The Character Creation Section, of The Moment of Creation, this is where you will first begin. The Awakening is broken down into four sections depending on which kind of character you wish to make.

  • Exorcist's Initiation

  • A Deal With The Earl

  • The Innocent and Corrupt

  • The Performers In The Scenario

Each section has its own template, rules, and restrictions but I will get into that soon. Currently only Road and Myself can approve characters from any section, in the future we will have moderators who will also do the same (However we can revoke their approval and/or limit their approvals to certain sections).

And now....Onto the "Exorcist's Initiation" ♥️

The Awakening - Exorcist's Initiation

The "Exorcist's Initiation" sub-category is the section where you shall make your own original Exorcist. A few things I should mention to some of you would-be Exorcists, when making your character, dont specify the power or nature of your innocene nor base a history around it. Why? Because if the Innocence isnt approved then your character will be revoked and then you shall have to remake it. You are NEW, meaning you cant have a long standing history with the Order or anything like that, if that is seen your character will be revoked instantly. Why? Because it interferes with canon and we cant have a direct interference made without administrator approval now can we? And finally depending on your character you may have to take a test which will be IC and will be carried out by me.

Theirs probably more I should tell you but you will find out soon!

Onto the next section now......."A Deal With The Earl"♥️

The Awakening - A Deal With The Earl

The "A Deal With The Earl" sub-category is the section where you shall make your own original Akuma. As you might of guessed the rules in this section are a bit different from the ones above. Since you are to take the role of an Akuma your history must be about your life as a human up until atleast you become an Akuma, but if you wish to qualify for a level higher than 0 or 1 to begin with then you must add more overall to the character (Such as what they did as an Akuma, how their personality developed, and if they have a name.). Currently the only levels of Akuma we are allowing are 0*, 1, 1.5*, 2, and 3. *While not technically a level you have the option to start as or enter this stage of development with permission* Unlike the Exorcist characters yours may have something to do with the Earl, what you have been doing until now, and how you have developed. If you wish to start as a level other than 1 or 0 you will need to approval from Me alone. Depending on your character and level you may have to pass a test IC first.

Again, I probably left somethings out but you can probably figure it out.....Oh! Look at the time! Its time to go over....."The Innocent and Corrupt".

The Awakening - The Innocent and Corrupt

Etc. Etc. Etc. This is the section where you can make a human or some other kind of character. Not really much to say over this aside from follow the normal rules for creating a custom character, dont mess with canon (AkA "I Met Allen Walker!" or "Im Tyki's Cousin!".....If you type any of this I shall kill you -_-). If you want to have a high ranking or above average human you may have to take a test IC.


The Wall Of Text Prologue Has Finally Come To An End And Now Its Time For You To Meet The Performers........The Performers Of The Scenario!

The Awakening - The Performers Of The Scenario

Skips over the boring introduction.

You apply for canon characters here! DO NOT COPY FROM WIKIPEDIA OR YOU SHALL BE BANISHED FROM THE SITE! We need strong and active rpers to feel the many canon roles for the site, so if your a lazy one-liner this isnt the section for you -_-. In short stay IC, dont do something extremely OOC that would ruin the plot (Like "LOLZ *Kills self*"), and inform us if you must be away for extended periods of time. Only Road and Myself can approve applications in this section.

Thus ends "The Awakening" that wasnt so bad was it? Now its time for "Arming For Arrival".

Arming For Arrival
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