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 J-Rock Playlist

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J-Rock Playlist Empty
PostSubject: J-Rock Playlist   J-Rock Playlist EmptyMon 22 Jun 2009, 10:39 pm


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Quote :

Not very many people know about J-Rock, but know, that could change.
There's some really good bands in Japan that are great such as:
UVERworld=They do some of the openings for the anime Bleach and Blood +.
Aqua Timez=They do songs for Bleach. And if you've seen the first Bleach movie, one of their songs is also included, that being "Sen no yoru wo koete".
Flow=They do intros for animes such as Code Geass, Naruto, and Eureka 7.
Nana Kitade=She would do songs for Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls Z, and Fullmetal Alchemist.
Orange Range=They do the very first song for Bleach known as "Asterisk".
Beat CRusaders=They also work on Bleach.

So, there's other bands on there too that haven't started on any Anime, but they are extremely good bands.

If you have bands you know and would like to contribute, let it be known.

-Natsuki Nakamura

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J-Rock Playlist
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