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 Spells/Techniques Maximum

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Spells/Techniques Maximum Empty
PostSubject: Spells/Techniques Maximum   Spells/Techniques Maximum EmptyThu 18 Jun 2009, 6:47 pm

Yes There has now been an update on the spells/techniques. Depending on the amount of posts you have, that's how many spells/techniques you are allowed to have.

Less than 100 posts: 2 spells/techniques
More than 100 posts: 3 spells/techniques
More than 200 posts: 6 spells/techniques
More than 300 posts: 9 spells/techniques
More than 400 posts: 11 spells/techniques
More than 650 posts: 13 spells/techniques

In other words, until you surpass that amount of posts, you can keep adding spells/techniques.

Example of what NOT TO think:
When you reach more than 200 posts, it does not mean that you can have 6 more spells additional to the ones already created.

Example of what it does mean:
When you reach more than 200 posts, 6 is the limited amount of spells/techniques you are allowed to have. When you reach up to 300 posts, then you can add an additional 3 spells/techniques to the maximum 6 you had before, equaling a maximum of 9 spells/techniques.

Reminder: You can also find this in the Rules for the Spells/Techniques Template. Its located underneath the "Maximum Magic System."

Maximum MP:60

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Spells/Techniques Maximum
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