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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules EmptySun 31 May 2009, 10:30 pm

All of the actions that are listed below are prohibited on the site! If the rules are not followed, serious consequences such as being banned will be taken! So follow the rules the first time.

Harassment: Attacking people for their religion, race, or sexuality. It's immoral and considered very rude! It's nobody's business but theirs (so show some respect)! No one here is obligated to give out their age, race or sexuality outside of role playing here, and should not be told otherwise.

God Modding: The act of creating or playing with an invincible character or unbreakable armor, limitless power, killing a character with one strike, etc. Some players will create a brand new character, and that character is automatically gifted with skills, and nearly impossible to take down right from the start. This happens when a newer character goes against an established one, and the newer character god-mods themselves as if they've been around the same length of time.

Flaming: The act of Attacking someone in OOC(out of character) about something personal not as a character or IC(in character). This will definitely not be tolerated! If you experience this problem, PM an admin/mod and we will see to the problem. Do not flame the accused back as punishment; let us handle this one on our own.

Spamming: This means that we do not want people posting a couple of words or emotes (unless it's a forum game or your in the chatroom/shoutbox). Repeated offenses will result in post deletion, and warnings from the admins/mods. Save it for the chatbox/OOC chat, as before stated. Role playing should be taken more seriously than that.

Post Location: Please post information in their correct locations. Repeated offenses will result in post deletion. It is not a difficult thing to ask - just look where you are posting, and know where you are posting. If you are placing your character in the Plainlands, start a topic in the Plainlands.

Double Posting: Please don't double post in a forum. It causes clutter and makes following an RP confusing for others. If you want to add something, click the "edit" button - it does exist, and there is no need to double post to fix your mistake.

Post Length: NO ONE LINERS!!! However, at least eight to ten sentences (a small paragraph) is suggested per post, especially if you want to be taken seriously in role playing.

No activity: Active members are the best members in forums, as they are the most needed! If you need to take a leave of absence, we have a forum for that, and don't feel sorry or embarrassed to give the administration team a heads up there! Accounts that go inactive for six months with notice to the site or admins will be sent a warning email, and then deleted if not responded to.

Literacy: This is a literate RP site, so please look over your posts before sending them in. A few mistakes are acceptable (no one's perfect), but try to avoid excessive spelling errors left and right - there is no need for it, and makes it harder on the people responding to your post.

Plagiarism: We do not allow people to copy information from our site, and you should not copy things from other people here either. Any plagiarism or hints of it will be questioned, and are absolutely intolerable here.

Multiple Accounts: ONLY A MAXIMUM OF 2 CHARACTERS!!!. This enables you to concentrate on these characters rather then so very many of them. Don't create more then 2 characters because i can find out by your IP address. If you don't like your current characters and would like to create a new one just PM an admin, you can make a new one and they'll delete your old one. You may either have 1 adoptable characters or 2 custom characters or split it by having 1 adoptable and 1 custom or you can just have one character from the beginning.

Moderate Cussing: Cussing is allowed on this site, but not endorsed. We cannot stop you from cursing if you censor it out (with things such as * or - ). However, we do not encourage it, and if we do find anyone here cursing openly and without censorship (and especially repeatedly), you can and will be warned and then banned.

Site Rating: THIS SITE IS PG-13!!! Thus, no R-rated RP-ing. This will get you banned from the site until further notice. If this becomes an issue in the future, it will be dealt with.

Multiple Role-Playing Places:You may role-play in 3 different places, but that's final. Users have the tendency to put posts in many areas so they can grow in strength and become stronger faster then the other members. Unfortunately, you cannot do that on this site. If you are caught role-playing in more then 3 words, all your posts on the recent new world will be deleted.

Using Unapproved Things: Things are approved for a reason, so god mod abilities can be dug out and edited. Only if a topic has had no mod/admin examine it after 3 days may you send a PM or bump it(meaning going to your post and putting "bump" or something saying that your topic hasn't been viewed).

Auto-hitting:The act of making decisions and/or actions for the target of your role-play. Example:Saying you stabbed your sword through your enemy on impact and that they began to bleed instantly. This will lead to serious consequences and you will be banned from your account because its also considered God-modding and its taken seriously!

Maximum MP:60

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The Rules
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